Only Women Will Understand These 10 Hilarious Problems

Typically men find it very hard to understand girls! And this is the reality. Men simply can’t understand girls and daily struggles she goes through. Let’s admit that men can never understand women, be it’s with menstrual pain or it is about her makeup. Nobody will deny the actual fact women’s life is hard and she daily has to face many problems. We’ve compiled a list of issues girls face daily, and you need to appreciate them for this reason!

1) Don’t You Feel The Same While Walking in the Heels!

It appears to be simple and looks tasteful when a lady wears high heels, however, do you know that it is so hard to walk or even stand in the heels?

2) Can You Understand The Pain of a Woman?

Makeup products are one of the few things a lady care the most and think how they would feel when they open their new blusher and see it in smashed pieces. In any case, don’t stress as you can even now utilize it in this condition too.

3) Wearing White Paint Fearless

Do you realize that lady can’t wear white pants valiantly on the grounds that nobody knows when periods can arrive? They want to have white pants, however, let them in their wardrobe, as they need to check their back after each 5-10 minutes.

4) Forget About Arm Waxing?

Imagine how embarrassing a situation can be when you decided to wear a sleeve less dress and you are in such a hurry that you forgot to shave your underarms. This happens very often.

5) You Forget to your Tampon

It is also embarrassing when you forget to carry your tampon. You have to use a wad of toilet paper to hide your discharge or you have to ask your friends for help.

6) Shit, It Happens!

Ever happened when you are on your date and suddenly a pack full of pads/tampon came out of your bag?

7) You Forgot Your Rubber band!

Ever happened when its windy day and you forgot your rubber band? In this situation, you can’t concentrate on your work because you know very soon you will end up looking like a ghost.

8) You Also Must Have Faced This Situation!

Keeping your shower tidy is very difficult for women because every time they are in the shower, their hair falls out all over the place.

9) Skipping Birth control Pills

It is a very scary situation when you realize you have skipped birth control pills.

10) Holes in your Leggings, Jeans, and Pants!

Due to lack of thigh gap, or sweating, jeans from the bottom got torn. Every single pair of pants that you own is faded or have a hole in the crotch. And tights are even worse. You are lucky if you get one use out of them before ripping them to pieces.