Your Weekly Workout Schedule

Workout Schedule

If you do not go to gym and have no idea what to do once you reach there. You should work hard and create a successful plan. This is a one week plan which is applied to implement successfully training schedule: three days of resistance training, one day of cardio and one day for dedicated recovery.

You can perform some cardio, going for a walk or bike ride. Sometimes, you give rest day when you feel sore.

You can perform workout at gym or privacy of your home. You can have dumbbells to perform exercise.

Full Body Workout With Weights

Full Body Workout

You can grab weights for resistance training. You are afraid of lifting then you should build muscles to become lean and burn fat.

At-Home Cardio

At-Home Cardio

You can recommend running atleast two times to have solid 20 minute session. You can take jumps also.