Use Head Lice And Dandruff In Just 15 Minutes From Your Hair


Head lice are actually small insects which are size of sesame seed. It may cling to hair and lay eggs which will get hatched after 7-10 days.

should think of techniques which will make use of dangerous chemicals to get rid of head lice naturally. The chemicals are present to treat head lice. There are other ways to treat these head lice due to presence of non-chemicals. The vinegar and coconut oil is used to eliminate the pests so these ingredients can be easily found in nearby store. Head lice gets transferred to infected person or clothing worn. When the insects and eggs known as nits are removed then it cannot survive. The treatment is taken two to three weeks until all nits are dead.

1. Vinegar and coconut oil is used to remove head lice.

2. Simply pour the vinegar and use hand to apply on scalp.

3. Leave the vinegar for at least fifteen minutes.