How To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant With Twins


There is survey result which states that very rare amount of women give birth to twins. There is considerable increase in twin birth rate in the previous years.

The fraternal twins are known as the most common form where it forms 2 eggs in the process of ovulation. It is very hard to achieve identical twins. This type of identical twin only happens when a egg is divided into two halves. There is no one to confirm that why this happens but both the babies have same gender and makeup. The girls are more common than boys in case of
identical twins.

There are various factors which play a important role in case of identical twin. These factors are race and age. In case of African women, the probability of conceiving identical twins is lower than African females. The older women gives more birth to twin than younger women.

Natural Methods on How to Get Pregnant with Twin Girls

1. Gain Weight:

Gain Weight

If you have gained weight than the chances of getting twins is increased. Women. Taller women or those Womens who have higher BMI rate have got higher chances to give birth to twins.

2. Try to get pregnant soon after termination of birth control-

birth control

Once you cease the birth control then the chances of conceiving twin girls becomes increased. After you discontinue the birth control pills then it is the best time to give birth to multiple twins in the first cycle.

3.Drink Folic acid supplement –

Folic acid supplement

Take the supplement for folic acid to have healthy baby.