How to Treat Ingrown Nails..This Method Will Rid You From Unbearable Pain

Ingrown Nails

Toenails often grow in weird shapes. Sometimes they get stuck in the skin around the toe and this condition is called ingrown toenail. The Ingrown Toenail is a very painful condition. Some other reasons for ingrown toenails are wearing tight shoes, high heels sandal, and not taking care of your feet. It can happen to anyone, but females are more prone to it. It can lead to serious infection and therefore must be treated in time. Know steps to treat it effectively.

Hot water pedicure.

Hot water pedicure

Mix some salt in hot water in a tub. Now soak your feet in this tub for about half an hour. It will soften the skin around ingrown toenail.

Gather few things.

Gather few things

Arrange cotton balls, clipper, and some narrow tweezers before going to this step. Now start clipping your toenails and cut ingrown toenail as mush as possible.