7 Tips To Make Your Lips Look Bigger


These days, every woman aiming for fuller lips. Many starlets and models have already enhanced their pout cosmetically. But is it necessary to go under the knife for amping up your lips? No, it is not always necessary to choose cosmetic surgeries to make your lips fuller. Sometimes it just requires rethinking to achieve what you want. Here in this article, we are sharing how to get fuller lips without much effort. So, girls let check it out.

1. Brush off flakes.

Brush off flakes

Flaky and dry lips reflect less light and make your lips smaller. To get rid of flakes, brush them lightly. Use vaseline to brush your lips to make them soft and to remove flask easily.

2. Use concealer to fake a larger canvas.


Spread concealer little over your lip line. It will help your lips to go on closer to the shade in the tube, and make your lips look larger.

3. Dab lip gloss in the middle of your lips.

Dab lip gloss

Use clear lip gloss in the middle of your lips. It will reflect more light from the center of your lips and make them look fuller.