Tips to Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro


Applying eyeliner is very difficult so you need to be professional. But, all womens are not professional. So, there is technique to apply eye liner.

1. Type of eye liner

Type of eye liner

You need to choose among the options which can be liquid, gel, pencil. A pencil liner is not considered as good as it spreads easily. The gel eye liner is very easily to apply and it is like nail paint.

The liquid eyeliner is quite difficult for some people who don’t know how to apply eyeliner with accuracy.

2. Black Eye Liner Is The Most Common But It Comes In Different Attractive Colors Too

Black Eye Liner

When it comes to apply eyeliner then we need to apply eyeliner which can be black, blue, brown, grey and green and of any color.

3. How to apply

How to apply eyeliner

You need to apply eyeliner with patience. You can pick brush and stable it with your hand.