7 Do’s And Don’t For Taking Perfect Selfie


Taking the perfect selfie is a fine art, one that few individuals have really aced. A great many people need to take several selfies before they discover one that they really love and need to post on the web. Here are a few tips for taking the perfect selfie each and every time you snap a shot.

1. Take a look in the mirror before you snap the first pic.

Take a look in the mirror before you snap the first pic

Ensure that each hair is in place and your garments are properly arranged before you take the principal picture. We’ve all opened up the camera, taken a photo, just to understand that our hair is a mess or our garments are strange. You can spare yourself a smidgen of time by ensuring that you look in the mirror and settle the spread eyeliner .

2.Get better lighting

Get better lighting

Have you ever taken a photo of yourself and believed “That is not what my skin resembles!” If you look drained or dreary in your selfies, it is most likely on the grounds that you don’t have satisfactory lighting. Simply turning on your overhead lights won’t not be sufficient to truly enlighten your face.