How to Take Right Food As Per Your Body Type


It is difficult to find out why we store fat in certain areas of body but we know that each body is unique and beautiful. Mostly women store fat in certain areas of body such as midsection, hips and thighs.


Here, you can characterize the body shape by narrow hips and undefined waist. It is difficult to gain weight so you should add proteins into your diet with healthy fats. You should follow the healthy diet irrespective if you are thin. You shouldn’t eat too many sweets and fast food.


If you have this type of body then you may gain weight in midsection. You should eat little portion each time. Consume foods which are rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, vitamin C and low fat diary. If you eat yogurt then it will help you to regulate digestion. The foods such as fast food, bread and certain vegetables shall be avoided as it generates gas and swelling.