She Started Putting Dots Over Her Lashes And She Got Amazing Result

It’s so cool when you get your eyeliner perfect in one go and don’t stress over smudging it. This woman will control you how to get a Perfect Winged Eyeliner with no bother. It’s an perfect DIY trap and should be possible even at home.

#1 Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner

Need an impeccable winged eyeliner that is anything but difficult to do?

#2 What You Need

hard eyeliner pen

A candle and hard eyeliner pen work incredible.

#3 Dots


Utilizing dots, she puts on in the corner, one toward the begin of the iris, and on over the pupil.

#4 More Dots

More Dots

A fourth dot is put toward the finish of the iris and a fifth where your lashes end, and the last one in the corner, raised up. This will be your wing.