Start Consuming These To Cure Thin Brittle Nails, Hair loss or Insomnia


You don’t need to take lot of medicines to become healthy. You need to fill your stomach with delicious ingredients which you need whole day.

1. Walnuts, parsley, honey, ginger and raisins

You need to put Brazilian walnuts and dried parsley leaves in a blender and mix these 2 ingredients. You can add honey, raisin and ground ginger. You can consume this with adrenal-gland booster 2 or 3 times a week.

2. Spinach, banana and lemon

You need to add little portion of spinach which contains vitamins and nutrients. You can mix it with 350 ml of water, three bananas, a bunch of spinach and a lime or lemon juice which is mixed in blender until it becomes smooth.

3. Bilberry, banana, lemon and celery

Bilberry is actually tasty and good for health. You can keep the immune system strong and make your eyesight perfect. You can mix two bananas, three tablespoon of bilberry, 1/3 lemon juice, two to three celery stick and one glass of water.

4. Celery, spinach, lime and banana

You can mix two celery sticks, one glass of spinach leaves, one glass of water, juice from half a lime and one banana. The celery is not only used to burn calories but it is also rich in vitamins and nutrients.