Simple Beauty Hacks for Busy Women

Simple Beauty Hacks

If we are busy then still we don’t need to compromise with our beauty. You can use simple beauty hacks which will make you look simple and fascinating.
These Beauty Hacks are for those women who are fascinating and can perform multitasking operations. These beauty hacks used to save lot of time and give us stunning look.

Hollywood cat eye look

Hollywood Cat eye Look
It is easy to create hollywood cat eye look. Draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. You can put few dots and then connect these dots to make a line without smudges.

Ideal eyebrows

Ideal Eyebrows
You need to brush your eyebrows carefully and then outline them to fill it with colors. Apply the highlighter to have better look.

Elegant lips

elegant lips
You can use regular lipstick and color the central parts of the lips using lip liner. Get a shiny lip gloss and apply it over your lips to look more attractive. This will take 15-20 seconds.