The Right Way To Wash Your Hair, You Were Doing It Wrong in all these years!

You have to realize, how to wash or cleans your hair, since it’s exceptionally important to keep your hair sound and sparkling.

Hair plays an important part in any women’s life as it’s her responsibility to take appropriate care of them. I can state, around 60% of us don’t wash hair in the ideal way. v

Brush your hair before washing.

Brush your hair

To reduce breakage and stimulate circulation to the scalp, you ought to dependably brush your hair before washing it.

Presently, wet your hair and apply shampoo on the scalp.

wet your hair

After brushing, wet the hair and apply shampoo to the foundations of the hair and afterward down. You can apply shampoo depending upon the hair length.

Scalp Massage

Scalp Massage

Presently, massage your scalp at any rate for 2 minutes in the circular motion. What’s more, never wash it quickly.