Few Symptoms Of Pregnancy That You Should Never Ignore


You must have consulted other mums and read in magazines about pregnancy but it is difficult to understand that what you feel in nine months is normal or not.

There are list of symptoms which one should give attention. If you feel any problem then you should consult the doctor. Don’t take any medicine without consulting the doctor.

Pain in the middle or upper tummy

If you are feeling sharp pain in the middle or upper tummy with or without nausea or vomiting then it may be due to several factors which can be severe indigestion, acidity or heartburn, stomach bug, food poisoning.

If the pain occurs during the second half of the pregnancy then it indicates pre-eclampsia where you need to take immediate step.

Pain in the lower belly

If there is a severe pain on either side of the belly or lower belly then it means that there’s something serious. It may be due to stretching of a ligament which may happen due to ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, premature labour, placental abruption.