Peel off Lip Mask: Get Soft Pink Lips

Pink Lips

Home Remedy to Get Pink Lips

Lips have the natural color so it becomes noticeable. It is usually pink in color but the color may change due to pollution and looks very unattractive.

Women used to spend any amount of money and keep it glossy. Usually in beauty salons, the mask is very costly. To avoid mistake, you should use ingredients present in the kitchen.

The dry, chapped cells are not removed and will make the lips dark and ruin the personality. You can use cosmetic to avoid dark color which can cause skin allergy.

There is a method of homemade peel off mask which can help to Get Pink and Soft Lips. There is a remedy to treat the Dark Color of Lips to get the soft and pink lips.

Things you need:

A bowl

Gelatin/agar agar powder

Red color

Coconut oil


1. You can take coconut oil and gelatin powder in a bowl and mix it well.

gelatin powder