Few Mistakes Girls Commit While doing Makeup on Face


1. Stretching The Area Around Your Eye To Make The Perfect Wing.

Pull the eye back when you put eyeliner. This will not only break the sensitive skin and elasticity around the eye. Use paper to get the perfect curve.

2. Drawing lines on the Entire Brow

You can trace heavy lines on brows which will end the unnatural shape. You can use hard stroke and soft strokes to give full shape.

3. Applying Too Much Blush Too Low On Your Face.

If you put too much blush on lower part of cheek then it will make your face dull.

4. Using Many Products For Contouring

If you want to get perfect face then you should ideally do not use too many contouring products.

5. Applying Lipstick To Naked Lips

You should not apply lipstick to naked lips.

6. Using your finger or a sponge to apply foundation

You should use foundation brush instead of sponge to get shade.

7. Testing Your Foundations On Your Hands

You should check foundation on face rather than hands otherwise you will buy 2-3 shades darker.