Method To Grow Your Nails Fast and Long

Grow Your Nails Fast and Long

It is relaxing and beneficial to go to salon to have manicure and pedicure. But, sometimes we don’t have time and energy to get these things done from parlor.

Sometimes we forget our hands and feet to clean it properly. It is important to go to salon to make your hand and feet glow.

1) Brittle, broken and weak nails take more time to grow.

broken and weak nailsr nails.

2) Use Garlic


A healthy life routine, dietary changes, a proper nail care routine can make the nail strong and healthy. You can rub garlic on nails to remove dirt nicely. You don’t need to artificially polish your nails if you apply the garlic on your nails.

3) Use lemon water

lemon water

You can dip the nail in lukewarm lemon water as it will not only lighten the shade of the skin but it will make it also glow and strengthen.