Method to Get Rid Of Dark, Dry Lips Naturally Without Using Lip Balm

Get Rid Of Dark lips

We suffer from dry lips in the season of winter. The lip balms are hardly effective because its impact reduces after some time and our lips are back to feeling rough.

It is better to have a nourishing lip scrub which will remove the dead skin cells which makes them dark and craggy.

You can prepare the natural lip scrub using the basic ingredients which are available in kitchen. These natural lip scrub will make your lips pink, baby soft.



2 tbsp Honey

2tbsp Olive oil

2tbsp Sugar

Method of Preparation

Method of Preparation

Mix honey in a bowl and blend it with olive oil to form a homogeneous mix. Add some sugar into it to form a thick mixture. If the scrub is too runny then you can add more sugar into it.

Once the mixture is ready then take a toothbrush and apply it over your lips in circular motion.

Rinse it with warm water and then you can apply your favourite lip balm. Your lips will turn soft, plump and clean.

If your problem of dry lips still continues then you can apply it thrice a week and then see the results.