Method to Apply Your Colour Eyeshadow Like A Pro!!


A cosmetics is inadequate without great Eye-Makeup. On the off chance that you don’t know how to decorate your eyes well, the make-up may very well be an entire waste. There may be many make-up tutorials out there, however great eye makeup requires you to do it as indicated by the shape you need for your eyes. Most women invest a considerable measure of energy accomplishing that impeccable eyes, but since of absence of expert aptitudes they won’t not have the capacity to get as lovely as possible. Along these lines, here is a look at how you can do culminate eye make-up effectively and impeccably.

Things required


The accompanying things are expected to give an professional look to your eyes: Flat Stiff Brush, Pencil Brush, Stiff Dome Brush and Soft Dome Brush.

Fan shape

Fan shape

In this picture, yellow part speaks to the lightest color that you would using, orange speaks to the darker one and brown shade is the place the darkest shade ought to be applied. On the off chance that you have eyes near one another you ought to ensure you apply cosmetics along these lines. Have the lightest shape on the internal piece of your eye and the darkest one on the external.