How to Make Nose Appear Smaller With Or Without Makeup

Make Nose Appear Smaller

One can do exercise to loose weight, increase height but it is difficult to change the shape of your nose. The makeup will help to get the perfect shape in few fines.

You should be concerned with the size and shape but with surgery you can get the desired shape. If you are not confident regarding your nose then you can try to contour and highlight the shape of nose.

1) Contour Your Nose

Contour Your Nose

You can highlight the bones and need the contouring kit and foundation.

You should pick a dark shade foundation to create lines on the nose around the bridge of the nose.

2) Apply Darker Foundation On Nose

Apply Darker Foundation On Nose

If the length of nose is more then you can apply dark shade of foundation on the tip and below the tip to make it shorter. But, if you have a shorter nose then you can’t make it look long and need to slim blend the darker foundation.