Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Lipstick Hacks

Every girl wants to have Beautiful Lips and lipstick is helping them to achieve this. Many beauty bloggers have shared many hacks to achieve perfect lipstick every time. But most of these hacks are either tough or you have been doing them wrong all the time.

Here are Top 5 Simplified and Corrected Lipstick Hacks.

#1. Exfoliate dry lips with mascara wand.

dry lips

If you are using a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips then please stop. Toothbrush bristles are hard and they can hurt soft cells of your lips.

#2. Use finger to keep lipstick off your mouth.

lipstick off your mouth

Put your finger in your mouth and wrap your lips around it while applying lipstick. It will help to keep lipstick off your mouth.

#3. Reshape your lips with concealer.

Reshape your lips

Use concealer to trace lips slightly outside your natural lip line. Fill in with a pencil by first tracing your outline. See this self-explanatory pic.


#4. Draw ‘X’ to get perfect cupid bow.

perfect cupid bow

Draw ‘X’ on the center of your cupid bow and then fill in rest with matching lipstick. See this picture.

#5. Make your lipstick appear larger.

lipstick appear larger

Make your lips appear bigger by applying lighter shade of lipstick in the middle of your lips.