Identify Real Michael Kors Bag With Fake One


We all know that Michael Kors is a brand known for its famous handbags. It has got high quality so it has surprassed the other brands. There are many companies who are producing the fake handbag with same name. There are buyers who are not aware of the real one so they buy the fake one.

So, you must purchase it from original store rather than anywhere else.

There is huge difference in price between real and fake michael kors bag. The real one cost around $300 whereas the fake one costs around $30.

1) Texture

You can pick the right bag with ensurance that the texture must be dense with tiny criss-cross or diagonal pattern made from stamping procedure. The texture is made from calf leather. The fake bag is soft and made up from artificial leather.


The logo is perfectly aligned and pushed towards the leather in real Michael Kors bag whereas in the fake one, the logo is neither pushed nor aligned.