How To Get Perfect Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup is difficult for some people but if you know the trick then it won’t be so difficult. You can become master in the art of applying cat eye makeup.






You need to prepare your face for the cat eye makeup. It is a crucial steps to get the cat eye makeup.

Take a good quality primer and apply it on the eyelid so that your eyeliner should stay for whole day. This would help to apply the eyeliner easily.



It is the most delicate step where any mistake would ruin the look. You can pick up your favorite liquid eyeliner and can use the gel eyeliner.

You need to start with the gentle strokes with your eyeliner. You can create the gorgeous flick at the outer corner of the eye. Ensure that the flick is pointing upward


You can join it with the lash line to give cat eye shape.

You can start with a thin line from the inner corner and increase the thickness at the middle. You

can fill the defined shape of the cat eye with the eyeliner.

Play with cat eye

Play with cat eye

You can create the shape as per your desire. You can adjust the length, thickness and shape but you need to have perfection then you will be master in the art of eye makeup.