Effective Home Remedies To Get Fuller Lips

Get Fuller Lips

Lips are one of the most amazing parts of women’s face. Fuller Lips have the power to attract and I am sure that you all agree with this fact. But not everyone is blessed with fuller lips and not everyone with thin lips is daring enough to go under the knife to get those dream lips. Don’t worry, you still can have luscious fuller lips.

Here are 7 tips on How to Get Fuller Lips without Surgery.

#1. By using makeup.

By using makeup

Makeup is best to give your lips a fuller look instantly. Define your cupid bow with a liner that perfectly matches with your lipstick and fill the center of lips with lighter color than the rest of lips to give your lips a plumper look.

#2. By using cinnamon.

By using cinnamon

Mix vaseline and cinnamon. Apply this mixture on your lips with finger. This mixture will increase blod circulation in that area and make your lips appear fuller.

Note: Use only a bit of cinnamon.

#3. Massage your lips.

Massage your lips

Daily give your lips a massage with lip balm. Massage will give them lift and added volume.