Which Eyebrow Suit Your Face Shape


When you stand in front of mirror then do you ever think about your looks? Which makeup you should perform to open your eyes. Have you ever look at your eye brows? Do your eye brows are properly shaped?

What will be the shape of your eyebrow to brighten your race? Do all haircuts suit the shape of face? We are having six types of face shapes such as long, round, oval, square, diamond, heart.

How to choose the shape of eyebrows which suits the face

Step 1 Decide on the shape of face

Face Shape
It is not necessary that all eyebrows go with all type of face shapes. sO, based on the face shape, you need to adjust your eye brow.

Step 2: Picking the right shape

It is necessary for you to know the shape of face so that you can further decide which eyebrow shape goes with your face.

Long Face

Long Face
If your face is a long face then you should avoid arch eyebrows as it will make your face long. You should keep the eyebrow flat. You should make a slight downward curve with flat eye brows and it will make the face look round.

Round Face

Round Face
If you have a round face then your face should look longer. You should create arched eyebrows. Better avoid round eyebrow shape which will make your face look round.

Oval Face

Oval Face
If you are having oval shape then it is considered as the best shape. You should pick slight arch eyebrows but never go for dramatic eyebrows. oval shape is one of the best shape for making eye brows.

Square Face

square face
You need to have feminine look so you opt for rounder shape or low soft arch with medium thickness. You should not have too thick or too thin eyebrows.

Heart Shaped Face

heart shaped face
You should opt the round brow face to have a natural look. But, if you have short heart face shape then you can have sharp arch.

Diamond Shape

diamond shape face
If you have a diamond shape then you can soften your features with curved brow.