How To Do Elegant Hair In 3 Steps?

Elegant Hair

Have you ever tried to look elegant in front of others. So, you need to speak less and pin your hair back more.

There are ways in which you can look smart. They speak patiently and talk less. But, they need to give emphasis on hairstyle which will make him elegant.

The dressing style and overall look should be elegant to go with your makeup.

There are steps to make a braided bun:

You need to straighten your hair and smooth the texture.

straighten hair

Make the hair straight, smooth and get the pattern smoothly. If you have wavy hairs then you can make it straight by flat iron.

If the hair is smooth and then you need to divide it into three sections such as right, left and back section. Place the index finger and connect it at the crown area.

You can split the section into right and left portion in front of the portion.

Clip the right and left portion of hairs and then clip it on the back area of the hair.