Easiest Trick To Create Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner

There are assortments of eyeliner styles yet Winged Eyeliner is the most flexible eyeliner style. It makes a moment enchantment to your eye excellence and considered as one of the best eyeliner styles. Winged eyeliner gives you more exemplary and sensational look. It is likewise alluded to as ‘feline eye’. You can investigate your eye look with this stunning eyeliner trap. Winged eyeliner is a smooth and clean look which can be hard to accomplish without the best possible method. In this article we underline more on the real normal for the feline eye-“wing”.

This is what you have to execute this feline eyeliner procedure:

feline eyeliner

1.A nonpartisan eye shadow

2.Matte bruised eye shadow

3.Black gel or fluid liner

4.Small calculated brush

5.A gel liner brush (MAC 208 and Sephora Collection Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush #23)



To draw culminate feline eyeliner, keep the pink line in your mind that begins from external piece of nose and finishes at the tip of eyebrow which is appeared in the photo.

On the other hand, you can envision a line by considering the regular bend of your lower lash line. This line guides you to execute the wing of the eyeliner.