How to Apply Double Winged Eyeliner

Every girl likes to look good and beautiful. We normally try Different Style of Makeup. Our eyes are the one where we work a bit to add beauty to our face.

If the Eye Makeup is done properly then it will add high sense of magnetism. Have you ever tried double winged eye liner at any time. Here, I am sharing simple technique to create double winged eye liner.

Double Winged Eye Liner

Double Winged Eye Liner

Everyone wants beautiful and attractive eyes but only few of them put extra effort to get such type of eyes. There are girls who undergo surgery, treatments to make their eye look beautiful but they end up with something worthless.

Next step ahead are:

perfect eyeliner

Now create a wing on the above line of eye just like the lower one. Make sure that you need to close the eyes just a bit so that eyeliner works properly.

Extend the eyeliner as the above one.

Follow the simple tricks to create a double winged eye-liner for eyes.

So here’s the Simple Trick:

Simple Trick

Use eyeliner to draw a line below the eye’s waterline. After that, you need to draw from the start of the eye to the end to get drawn out look.

Make sure that you draw a correct winged shape to get attractive and gorgeous eyes.