How to Create a winged Eyeliner

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The basic part of Eye Makeup is eyeliner. It might be possible that you might found the winged eyeliner difficult. Then, here are simple steps to follow the perfect winged eyeliner.

Step 1: Getting eyeliner brush and black eyeliner

black eyeliner

There are different eyeliner brush in the makeup box. You need to select angled brush and grab black gel eyeliner.

Gel eyeliner is easier to do than winged eyeliner. These tips would make it easy to make winged eyeliner daily.

Step 2: Start the amazing experience


You can place the angled brush which contains black eyeliner in the inner corner of eye. You can slightly drag the brush towards the outer corner so the line is thin at the inner corner and thick at the outer corner.

You shouldn’t hesitate towards creating a winged eyeliner with perfection.

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