How To Create Perfect Cat-Eye Flick

cat eye flick

The cat eye flick, also called Lauren Conrad’s mark look, is a little makeup trick each young lady claim to have in her collection. We’ll concede, it’s not easy to master it but rather with the correct tools and some steps, soon you’ll be applying a cat eye flick like a pro. Since the instruments utilized can make this look, make certain to utilize some you know and love or ones that come highly recommended.

Step 1: Draw a line at an edge

Draw a line at an edge

To begin with, lower your eyelid so you have a smooth service to draw on. At that point draw a line from the external corner of your eye up at an angle. On the off chance that it feels less difficult, begin over your eye and draw the line downward instead. Make the line longer and at a sharper angle because the line you always look smaller once you open the eye.

Step 2: Create a triangle

Create a triangle

Make a triangle shape by associating the highest point of your flick down to your lash line (fairly in accordance with the external edge of your iris).

Step 3: Fill in the triangle

Fill in the triangle

Utilize liquid liner to fill in the triangle. Ensure you layer enough item so the shading is smooth and saturated.