Common Makeup Mistakes Which Women Make

Women apply different kind of makeup to become beautiful and attractive. Every women gives importance to makeup. The women applies makeup to her face which represents her personality.

Most of the women like makeup as it represents the women in any kind of look which can be either badass or elegant one. But, women also make mistakes while Applying Makeup such as they apply lipstick on cheekbones instead of blush.

1. Make a perfect wing around the eye

perfect wing around the eye

If you stretch the area around eye then it could make wrinkles and damage the skin. You should keep your hands stable while applying eyeliner. If you stretch the area then it would be easier to apply the eyeliner.

2. Drawing lines over the entire eyebrow


For the perfect eyebrows, you should choose the shade of eyebrow liner which is of same color. You should inner corner and outline the upper part of the brows.

3. Applying too much blush on face


You should apply cheek bone area in makeup. You should apply lower part of the cheek which makes you look dull, sluggish and old.