Car Safety Tips for Pregnant Women


When you become mother then it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. There are important car care tips which you need to follow during pregnancy as a driver or co-passenger.

1. Avoid long distance travel and take a break of 15 minutes if the journey is too long.

2. It is better to use a good car fragrance perfume which relaxes your mood. You can choose the one which is not strong but yet mild to keep the spirit high.

3. If you are travelling long then keep water bottle, food items/fruits in the car so as to eat when ever you feel low

4. Avoid driving in night as most of the accidents occur at night. The rules are not very strict so drink and drive is commonly found among youths. Hence, avoid travelling during night.

5.The best seat for pregnant women is the rear seat. Ask the front Co-Passenger to slightly push ahead the front seat so that at the back seat, the pregnant women can sit comfortably.

6. Avoid mobile phone while driving. You are pregnant so you should be extra careful to not to distract yourself from mobile phone.

7. Have important phone number, road side assistance, family in your mobile and also piece of paper in the glovebox

8. Do not drive when your mood is upset as you are pregnant. Be happy and relax during pregnancy and if required turn on light soothing music.