Brilliant Eyeliner Hacks You’ll Wish To Apply

Eyeliner Hacks

We’ve all observed those big names and models witwinged eyeliner. Furthermore, every time we think, “How? How on earth do they do that?”

Other than the group of cosmetics specialists available to them, they utilize these tips to understand that impeccable look. From traps like utilizing a business card to guideline about how to make your eyes look greater, these tips will help you accomplish that whiz search for each day of your life.

1. Know Your Eyeliner!

Different types of eyeliner

Gel, fluid, pencil. They all have diverse purposes. Become more acquainted with them to realize what look you need to make!

2. Dabbed Line

dubbed eyeliner

Put dabs along your eye cover, then associate them for a simple approach to get an immaculate line!

3. Try not to Tug


Try not to pull the side of your eye when drawing your eyeliner. It will extend your skin and make your line slanted.

4. Know Your Eye Shape

Eye Shape

Distinctive eye shapes look better with changed styles of eyeliner. Take in your eye shape and you’ll generally have consummate eyes!

5. Following


Follow out the shape you need on your eye, then simply fill it in!

6. Stabilizer

Applying Eyeliner

Resting your pinky finger on your cheek while drawing your liner will keep your hand enduring.

7. Carded


Utilize a business card to make the ideal flicking feline eye.

8. Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

Need a smokey eye? Utilize your eyeliner pencil, then take a smirch brush and smear the line out!

9. Tape


A bit of tape is recently the thing to help with the ideal eyeliner line.

10. Rainbow of Colors

Rainbow of Colors

Picking the correct shading can change your entire look!

11. Custom Colors

Custom Colors

Need a particular shading, however don’t have it in eyeliner? Simply utilize eye shadow!

12. Eyes Open

Eyes Open

Make your eyes look greater by blurring your eyeliner!

13. Spooning


Get the ideal bended wing with a spoon!

14. Hashtag Smokey Eye

Hashtag Smokey Eye

Draw a hashtag image with pencil eyeliner and smirch it out with a smear brush to get an extraordinary smokey eye look.

15. In reverse!

In reverse

Draw your eyeliner in reverse as a hack to help with an immaculate line!

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