Bowl, Spoon And Toothpaste Can Help To Detect Pregnancy: Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Detect Pregnancy Using Toothpaste

Every woman wants a baby. Being a mother is such a wonderful feeling. But sometimes due to some personal reasons many girls or women do not need pregnancy. If you want to check your pregnancy then you must buy a pregnancy kit which is easily available in the market. Or you can also concern to your doctor. But if all these methods are not available for you and you want to confirm your pregnancy in cheap, so don’t worry today we are going to tell you about a domestic method. By which you can easily test your pregnancy at home. For this you don’t need any costly kits just a Toothpaste is enough for testing your pregnancy.

So let us look around how a Toothpaste can tell you about your pregnancy:-

Things or ingredients we needed for this test-

For testing pregnancy by above method is very easy. You just needed a Bowl or bottle, a toothpaste, a spoon that’s it.

By following below steps we can check our pregnancy at home in just a few minutes:-


For confirmation of pregnancy, first of all, you have to put your morning fresh urine in a disposable glass.


Now took a spoon and split toothpaste on it. After that mix urine in it. It will give you following results.