The Best Exercises For Inner And Outer Thighs Pin It !


Hey Guys! We are back again with bang. Today we are going to tell you about best exercises for your thighs which may helpful to both inner and outer. So guys as we know exercise is very important part of life. By doing exercise we will make ourselves fit and also healthy. By doing exercises at early morning we can refresh our mind and mood. It is like a meditation which gives us pleasures of life as a good health. There are many types of exercises and yoga available for human beings. So let us talk about thigh exercises. And as we know there are many exercises for thighs too. It’s your lucky day. While you may already know spot toning doesn’t really work, you can turn to certain moves that target your inner and outer thighs for some extra TLC.These creative moves work your thighs in ways you didn’t know were possible.

You can do all the moves using only your body weight but be sure to squeeze legs, glutes, and abs to create your own resistance. Otherwise step it up a notch with a resistance band for the outer thigh moves and ankle weights for the inner thigh moves. And go slow: If you fake it by rushing the reps and kicking your legs around, you won’t see results.

So below we have mentioned some types of exercises which are perfect for thighs:-

1. Two Pumps

As above picture lay down on exercise mat and just follow these steps:-Lie on your left side, supporting head with left hand, left leg bent, right leg extended, core tight, and right hip stacked directly on top of left hip.
Now flex your one leg and other leg should be on upward direction as shown in picture. Now pump or leg upward and downward accordingly.Do not allow hips to fall back, which would mean you’re not engaging your core. Do this for minimum 30 times.

2. Check Mark

Now after first pumping do not change your position. Lie same as you are in first step. Now Point right toes and bring right knee in front of navel, squeezing abs. After this, diagonaly extend your right leg as far as you can. Repeat this process for 20 times.