Method To Become Master In Drawing Thick Cat Eye Liner

Cat Eye Liner

The Cat Eye Liner looks great, dramatic and strong. It needs some practice to ace the specialty of Applying Cat Eye Liner. The hardest part is to draw wing or flick and it is the most imperative piece of making a flawless cat eye liner.

Follow These Easy Steps And Become Master in Applying Cat Eye Liner

Initially and the Most Important Step Is To Wash Your Face and Make Sure That There Should Not Be Any Dirt or Oil on Eye-Lashes

Wash Your Face

Second Step is to Apply Primer On Eye Lid So that You Can Get Thick Eye Liner Look!

Apply Primer

Here is The Trick, Draw Liner Little Above Lash Line

Draw Liner Little Above Lash Line

Dap a pointed brush in liquid eye liner or with your best utensil, draw a line somewhat above from the upper lash line as you are drawing a thick eye liner. In the wake of drawing upper line, now fill the liner on the lash line. You can keep your hand on cheek to take support and have better stability.