This Can Be The Reason For Why Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying


It can be heartbreaking to hear your baby cry. The initial thing parents do is to hold and comfort the little one. But sometimes parent let their little one cry because they aren’t able to understand the reason behind this. If you also facing the same issue then make sure to check your baby’s feet. To know the reason, please read on

1. Babies cry

Babies cry
If you are a new parent then you can understand that babies cry a lot and it is very heart-breaking to hear them cry. Sometimes they cry for no reason.

2. Initial Reaction

Initial Reaction
As a parent, you try everything to calm your baby and feel them comfortable.

3. Scott and Jessica facing the same condition.

Scott and Jessica facing
When Jessica became the mother for the first time, one day she noticed something unusual with her baby. She noticed that her baby had been crying all day. Jessica and her husband Scott did everything to make their baby feel better. They fail and crying got worse.