9 Period Hacks Every Girl Must Know


The menstrual cycle indicates the ovulation. This cycle repeats in every women’s life till she reaches menopause. It is required to prepare the uterus to bear the child birth process.

There are many problems which arises such as cramps, excessive pain etc. The women becomes highly emotional during the menstrual cycle.

Every women wants to stop their period as early as possible to make the problem small. Here, are the period hacks that every girl must know.

1. Take Pain Killer

Take Pain Killer

You need to take pain killers before your cramp starts

2.Install An App First

Install An App First

Get an application to track your period.

3.Less Consumptions Of Dairy Products During Periods.

Dairy Products During Periods

Eat more dairy two or three days before your period begin, as it could lessen PMS.

4.Forget The Alcohol


Try not to drink the liquor since liquor is the reason for lower sugar level.

5.Frequent Face Wash

Face Wash

Wash your face more than expected on your periods.

6.Reduce Your Salt Consumption

Reduce Your Salt Consumption

Quit eating salt on the grounds that the less salt make you feel less bloated.

7.Take Birth Control

Birth Control

Take the conception prevention for a lighter and the shorter period

8.Say Yes To love

Say Yes To love

Having love amid the periods help to diminish the menstrual torment.

9.Need Exercise


The activities will help to mitigating weakness.