9 Cosmetic Products That You Shouldn’t Be Using

Cosmetic Products

Sometimes advertisements make us believe that the product they are promoting is best for us. Due to this, we buy a lot of creams, mask, gels, serums, scrubs etc. to achieve the effects promised by the advertiser. But these products are not effective at all. Here we prepared a list of some of those beauty products that you shouldn’t be using right now.

Split end remedies


So, your new expensive hair care product failed to get rid of split ends? Well, the fact is no cosmetic remedy can solve the problem of split hair. The only thing that works is a haircut.

Hand cream, foot cream, body lotion


Another myth advertisers created that you need a different cream for different body parts. Your face does need a different cream, but you can use the same cream for hand, foot and other body parts.

Dandruff shampoo.


Dandruff is actually a fungal spread created due to poor functioning of the sebaceous gland. You can’t get rid of dandruff using ordinary shampoo. You need special medicated to prevent dandruff.