8 Instagram Beauty Hacks That You Must Try

Instagram Beauty Hacks

Instagram is one of the best social media which helps to get anything. There are few tips and tricks which are used in Instagram that have completely revolutionized the world.

1. Use a razor to get some new layers

Use a razor

You can use razor in different manner. Cut your hair using your favorite razor to get nice hairstyle.

2 Divide your hair into sections and wear a longer ponytail


Divide your hairs into different sections and then fake a longer ponytail. You will get a glam long ponytail without doing much efforts.

3 Use fancy accessories to dress up your hair

fancy accessories

You can use a traditional earring instead of hairpin on your hai. It will help to make your hair look gorgeous. This earring is used as a maang tika.

4 Use pencils to create curls

Use pencils to create curls

It is an old technique to create curls. One can use pencil to get beautiful tight curls.