6 Eyeliner Mistakes You Probably Making

Eyeliner Mistakes

Eyes are the most beautiful part of a woman. Their eyes speak more than their words and hence a woman take proper care of her eyes. She enhances beauty of her eyes through many products. Eyeliner is very important aspects of her eye makeup. It not only enhance the beauty of her eyes but also give a deeper look to eyes. But are you using the eyeliner correctly?

No, you are not using eyeliner correctly. Here are few mistakes you are making with your eyeliner. Have a look.

1. Applying eyeliner without primer.

Applying eyeliner without primer

No beauty expert recommend applying eyeliner without primer. Primer not only even out the skin tone but also provide a smooth base for eyeliner application and this give you smudge proof eyes.

2. Giving your eyes a panda look.

Giving your eyes a panda look

Some women love to apply eyeliner below eyes too. It look heavy and no man prefer this.