5 Mind-Blowing Tips To Get Flawless Eyelashes Every Time


Dreaming for flawless eyelashes?

Well, if you want Flawless Eyelashes then this article can help you. Here are few mind-blowing hacks to get flawless eyelashes every time.

1. Wipe off abundance mascara on a tissue to avoid patches.


A new bottle of mascara can bring about clumpy lashes because of exchange of additional item on the wand. So keeping in mind the end goal to prevent clumps float the brush over a napkin or tissue.

2. Keep your lashes twisted longer by squirming the sweep forward and backward at the base of your lashes, and after that swiping to the tips.


Covering of lashes equally will overload the tips of the hairs and following couple of minutes it causes your lashes to fix. You can apply to apply a thick layer of mascara at the foundation of your lashes and a lighter one toward the ends to hold a curl. It can be accomplished by wiggling the wand forward and backward at the base, and after that delicately going through the tips.