4 Wrong Ways to Apply Eyeliner


Mostly women enhance their beauty using makeup. Some women try to create a unique look for an evening event or special occasion. You can correctly use the eyeliner to make the eyes look larger and more alluring. There are women who make mistakes when they apply eye liner.

Give other eyeliner colors a try.

eyeliner colors

Do you constantly use brown or black eyeliner? You can use other eyeliners but not for each and every occasion. Use purple, blue or green to enhance the beauty of the eyes and add a pale color to the lower lash to make the eyes look larger.

Lower eyelid has heavy line.

Lower eyelid

Is your bottom eyelid has a heavy line? Nowadays, nobody outlines the eye completely with black liner. You can put thick line on your bottom lid so that it appears small. But, there are chances that your liner gets smudged or wear off.