How to Do a 4-Strand Braid Step By Step

There are various style which we have mastered such as French braid, fishtail braid or Dutch braid. But, the new hairstyle which we have to learn is 4 strand braid or Celtic Knot braid. Apparently, it looks very complicated but it is pretty easy to make. You need to follow steps to make the Celtic Knot Braid.

1. How To Do The Celtic Knot Braid.

Celtic Knot Braid

You need to comb your hairs well and make it free from all tangles. You can pull the hair to one side which can be either left or right side of hair.

2. Steps to make the braid.


You can Divide your hair in sections and number them from 1 to 4, with the furthermost section as number 1.

You can start to braid number 1 strand over number 2 strand.

You can braid Number 3 strand over number 4 strand and finally strand 4 over number 1 strand.

Follow the pattern in this manner till your reach almost ends of your hair.

Once done, tie your hair with a elastic band.

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