4 Coolest Puff Hairstyles Step By Step Tutorial You Must Know

There have been many changes in makeup trend over the year. Glossy lipstick has been replaced by matte one, plain nail paint replaced by glittery ones, etc. Same thing happened with the hairstyle. Once there was a time when open hairs were in trends, but now they have been replaced by messy buns and hair puffs. Buns or puffs not just look pretty but they also protect your hair from excessive damage. No matter whether you have long hair or short, you can carry puff.

Today in this article we have brought coolest hair puff ideas for you. Have a look:

1) Medium Length Hair Puff

As a matter of first importance, brush your hairs and remove every tangle. Take a smooth brush, pull up mid section of your hair using this brush, and secure it with a bobby pin. From the flip side of the brush, pull up a few hairs to make an immaculate puff. You can likewise blow dry outstanding hairs to give your hairs a flawless complete and keep puff in its place.

2) Long Hair Puff

It is quite simple to make puff for long hair. Take some hairs from the mid and tie them with the help of bobby pins on the mid head. You can make a messy bun with the remaining hairs and curl up the remaining hair to give it a more natural look. You can decorate the bun with accessories of your choice. Leave a few strands of hair loose in front to get a hot look.

3) Messy Puff For Natural Look

First of all, remember to leave few strand on the face. After that pull up few hairs and make a puff on the mid section of your head. Don’t use a hair dryer for a natural look.

4) Be A Pro With The Help of Tool!

Presently it’s less demanding simply pull up a couple of hairs from the front and place this device under the zone where you wish to make a knock. Presently in the wake of keeping them down, join them with the assistance of Bobby sticks, and finish the look with hair splash.

5) Do You Wanna Team up Your Puff With French Braid? Take a Look at The Video