16 Amazing Makeup Hacks That Every Girl Should Try

Makeup Hacks

As we know that beauty lies skin deep but one uses makeup to enhance the beauty of outer skin. You can get a complete makeover if you use the colors, shades and the wide range of products.The makeup does not last long so you should try incredible hacks to look gorgeous.

1. Apply Lipstick with a concealer Brush for perfectly defining your lips.

<Apply Lipstick

2. Heat the Eye Lash Curler by a Blow Dryer for few seconds to have extra hold before curling up.

Eye Lash Curler

3. Make use of spoon in a manner that it hugs your eyelids and you can apply mascara perfectly.

use of spoon

4. Cover your eyelids with a White Eye pencil as a base to making it colorful on the eyelid. Take white eye pencil as a base to make your eyeshadows pop up.


5. Apply the Lipstick. Take a tissue paper and put it over the lips. Dust some translucent powder to it so that the lipstick lasts long.

Apply the Lipstick

6. Place your eyeliner pencil against the flame for few seconds and it gets converted into gel liner. Wait for 10 seconds and then apply.

eyeliner pencil

7. Apply Mascara, dab some baby powder and then again apply Mascara. This will bring thickness to your eyelashes.

Apply Mascara

8. Make a Hash sign on the corner of the eyelids and then smudge it. This will give smokey effect on the eyes.

Hash sign

9. Set the index fingers in your mouth and then pull it out to make an O shape with your lips. This will help to stick lipstick to your teeth.

stick lipstick

10. Take a little concealer on the bud and then dab it on the eyeliner mistakes to be fixed.


11. Run a comb on unruly eyebrows to make an arch of your eyebrows.


12. If you want to have your makeup last long then you need to Tilt your head up & close the eyes, then you need to spray hair in the air over you. This will let the spray do trick on the face.

long lasting makeup

13. Buff the lips gently with toothbrush to have full kissable lips.


14. Use foundation first and then concealer to get the best results and long lasting makeup.


15. Use a bobby pin to separate the glue along the base of falsies. Wait until the glue gets tacky and then apply.

Use a bobby pin

16. To re-wet the thickened mascara, add saline solution to it.