15 Hilarious Comics About Periods


I’m certain the greater part of ladies around the globe can concur on a certain something: periods suck. Period. Regardless of the possibility that you attempt to support yourself that somebody has it more awful than you, it’s hard not to be furious with the compelling force of nature when the spasms begin.

To make that time more fun, Bored Panda gathered a portion of the best funnies about periods and the battles accompanying them. Being a lady myself, it’s quite recently too simple to identify with these flinch commendable yet so amusingly amend funnies. It’s somewhat less demanding to confront the period from hellfire when you realize that we’re all in this together, young ladies!

1. Stains! Everywhere but the target area, especially when sleeping!


2. This explains so much!


3. That’s true.


4. When you stand up, after sitting down for a period of time..Or…


5. The pain is sometimes unbearable and this picture is showing it perfectly.