15 Fashion Hacks That Will Change A Woman’s Life

Fashion Hacks

15 fashion hacks that you will find really helpful. Have a look.

1. Prevent your jeans from rolling up by clipping with mitten clips under the boots or shoes.

2. Smart fix to wear a long boot.

3. This is how to roll sleeves effectively.

4. To keep your strapless bra from slipping down, place the convertible straps around the bra.

5. Use a hair straightener to iron your collar.

6. Give your tees a vintage look with this simple trick.

7. Use tea bag to prevent odor from shoes.

8. Place a moleskin foot bandage to prevent your underwire bra from poking out.

9. Use a pad under your arm to prevent sweat stains.

10. Make your shoe party ready by adding some glitters on the heels.

11. A drop of clear nail polish can fix loose button.

12. Rub bee wax on shoes to make them waterproof.

13. Prevent your trouser zippers from running down with key ring.

14. Baby wipes can remove the stain from clothes.

15. Prevent sweat stains with this quick trick.