12 Mistakes You Have Been Doing With Your Nails, #6 Need To Be Stopped Forever

Perhaps you are determined to stop following Pinterest Nail Art Ideas or biting your nails for the sake of your nails. But there is still some mistake you are doing with nails. Here are 12 things you need to stop doing to your nails now to keep them in tip-top shape.

(We also are sharing tips to correct these mistakes.)

1. Stop peeling off your gel polish.

peeling off your gel polish

While peeling off your gel polish, you also destroy the super thin layer of your nail. Instead, of peeling off the gel from nail, soak your nail in a bowl of acetone to loosen the gel from nail bed.

2. Stop cutting your cuticles.

Stop cutting your cuticles

Hangnail on the side of your nail bed is not only irritating but painful too. People usually try to get rid of it by trimming them. But if hangnails aren’t trimmed properly then it can cause more hangnails to grow on your nail side. So, instead of cutting cuticles, apply a cuticle-removing formula.

3. Stop using your other nails to chip off your nail polish.

Stop using your other nails to chip off your nail polish

Every time you choose your one nail to chip off nail polish from other nails, you unknowingly damaging your nails. Use acetone wipes instead.

4. Stop getting water-based manicures.

Stop getting water-based manicures

Pro beuaty expert never recommend a water based manicure. They prefer oil based manicures.