12 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Order to Look Great in Photos


Being pretty doesn’t mean that you always going to look great in pictures. Being beautiful and staring at the camera doesn’t always give you perfect selfies.

Here at GirlyFeeds we decided to share what mistake you are doing while taking photos and how to correct them to look your best in pictures.

Mistake #1: Putting your chin forward

Putting your chin forward

Solution: Instead of the chin, put your head slightly forward. Doing this will add sense of elegance and fitness in your images.

Mistake #2: Crossing your arms.

Crossing your arms

Solution: While posing for camera, move your body somewhat to the side. Put your arms down and slightly open them.

Mistake #3: Wrong posture.

Wrong posture

Soltion: Draw your shoulder blade together, angle your body toward the side, straighten your spine, arch your a$$ outward.

Mistake #4: Not knowing the correct angle for your body.

Not knowing the correct angle for your body

Soltion: You need to find out the angle that make your pics look perfect. Slightly turning away from the camera works for many.